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Second and Third Mortgage

The Second Mortgage is the loan on a property that is already under Mortgage. You must have already taken the loan on your property to buy a new property or to invest somewhere or for your kids’ education. But there’s always a scope for an unexpected financial crisis. Don’t worry; you’re still eligible for a second mortgage against your property, though you have a running loan on the same property.

Factors that influence the Second Mortgage:

Though it’s possible to get a second mortgage on the property is easy, the below factors play a vital role to get you the maximum amount:

Employment History:

One of the deciding factors for the second Mortgage is Employment history. If you have a stable and regular income, it improves the chances of getting a higher amount as you’re not dependent on that property.

Credit History:

The better the credit score you have, the higher the amount you get. Poor credit score can reduce the possibility of getting the right loan. However, a suitable second mortgage broker can get you a reasonable rate even if you have a bad credit score. But where to look for one? Read through the article to find the answer.

First Mortgage:

A property is usually eligible for 80 - 95% of the Mortgage. This is the second most influential factor in your first Mortgage, which can decide how much loan you’re available for. We understand this is a lot to know for an individual. You’re in the right place.
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